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         Φύση [gr]= Nature [en] , Physi-

We're a Physiotherapist and a Landscape Architect, both passionate about our fields and nature, constantly seeking how our professions could be better practiced to provide people with a better quality of life.

Our Vision

A healthy and health-creating society where humans are reconnected with nature

Our Mission

To explore the role of nature in human's 


Our Aim

To develop nature-based solutions to aid prevention and rehabilitation of

chronic pain for

a better quality of life

Our Objectives

FysioTherapyScapes main objective is to develop an outdoor TherapyScape as a result of participatory action research with chronic-pain patients, to explore the health benefits of outdoor physiotherapy and engage more people with nature-based activities.

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TherapyScape Design

Nature-based co-design solutions for therapeutic and health promoting landscapes

Outdoor Physiotherapy

Outdoor Physiotherapy sessions in appropriate co-designed outdoor spaces

Science communication

Increase people's awareness on the health benefits of nature and patients' education on chronic pain



Outdoor activities to engage adults and children with nature for an experiential behaviour change


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Building the bridge between physiotherapy and landscape architecture for a better quality of life.

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